Bulgarian Photography Exhibition

Alfa Art Gallery

Jul. 1, 2024 - Aug. 30, 2015

108 Church St
New Brunswick, New Jersey 8901


Alfa Art Gallery will be hosting the 2015 Bulgarian Photography Exhibition. The opening will take place at 108 Church Street, New Brunswick NJ 08901 on July 18th 2015, at 7:30pm.

The gallery is excited to present the Bulgarian Photography Exhibition for it’s 3rd showing. In 2014, Alfa Art Gallery held an opening reception of Cluster Photostyle work. A showing was also held at The Bulgarian Consulate in New York City during that same year. The collection will feature works by exhibited artist Konstantin Popov, founder of Cluster Photostyle, along with many other emerging Bulgarian photographers associated with the company. Ranging from Landscape Photography to Figurative Photography, each artist displays their unique vision through one medium, leaving a captivating impression upon the viewer.

This exhibition is free of admission and open to the public. There will be a live musical performance by Alfa BG Band and refreshments will be served

About Cluster Photostyle

Founder Konstantin Popov believes in the full support of artistic photographers. Beginning in 2012, Cluster Photostyle now has eight partnering companies. Their goal is to collect intriguing work by the best Bulgarian photographers to help promote and expose their talents. In addition, Cluster Photostyle aids in the business negotiations, gallery placements, and managing the works of these artists to create a unique platform increasing sales and recognition. They have presented globally including Istanbul, London, and Paris.

Exhibiting Artists
Notes by Brianna Holcomb

Konstantin Popov’s photography interprets reality on a highly detail-oriented level, which finds harmony and beauty in the unexpected. He believes that the finished product outweighs the means used to create it.

Alexander Nishkov uses his work to give his mind a voice. Using the wisdom “Photography is a simple thing but not for simpletons,” Nishkov has transitioned from a student to teacher and mentor.

Diliana Florentin attempts to capture the emotion of a single moment in time, in a field that is constantly updating and upgrading. Her art is brimming with sensuality and femininity through her focus of fashion photography of women.

Gencho Petkov pushes the limits of familiarity producing unique images fulfilling his role as a “photographic interpreter of beauty.” Using controlled lighting of unusually shaped subjects his images are reminiscent of the nude forms, which speak to the beauty of a woman’s body and nature.

Dorothea Komitska challenges the viewer’s perception of reality by breaking free from the constraints of daily life. She aims to transport viewers to her “Excalibur,” her “palace” of poetry, beauty and dreams.

Georgi Georgiev describes photography as the use of “one eye” to shed light on what everyman might have overlooked with his two eyes. He concerns himself with projecting his two-dimensional images into the world of his audience.

Milan Hristev hopes that, through visually inhabiting the abandoned spaces captured in his works, his audience is able to engage in both introspection and external perception.

Nadejda Korcheva sees her photography as the ultimate intersection of craftsmanship and technology. All of her photographs are taken with the intent of transmitting emotion and color.

Pencho Tihov lives in admiration of nature’s “poetic, lyrical, [and] surreal” intricacies. His inspiration comes from the minutiae of nature whose invisible layers he describes as “plastic and artistic.”

Sonya Stankova has attended various international photographic meetings and has been invited to numerous festivals. Her work extends beyond country borders.

Valentin Kirov is largely concerned with the composition process: harmonious contrast of light and shadows, the presentation of colors, and the grounding concept behind the image.

Veneta Karamfilova’s photographs are the crossroads of the simultaneous realities of her imagination. One of the most alluring aspects of her photographs is the authenticity of the images she portrays.

Dimitar Mitev’s desire to work at night personifies his idea of photography as a “silent art form.” His work tells a story that is carefully cultured in his mind over a great span of time.

Donka Zlatanova’s work is the intersection of photography and advertising. Most of her photographs operate on a subliminal level, which seek to simultaneously appeal to the senses and convince the consumer.

Georgi Dimitrov uses digital art as a way to escape the reality. Nature is his inspiration, passion and love.

About Alfa Art Gallery

Alfa Art Gallery is a non-profit organization determined to support emerging and well-established artists and to give their work exposure and critical following within the art community.
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