Breaking the Rules

McBride Gallery

Apr. 2, 2024 - May. 31, 2017

215 Main Street
Annapolis, 21401
Phone (410) 267-7077

McBride Gallery is hosting a unique show, “Breaking the Rules” featuring 9 artists, opening on April 2 and running to May 31.

Gallery owner Cynthia McBride describes the genesis of this show: “Over the years I heard artists comment about paintings that ‘may have broken the rules’ but are ‘personal favorites.’ These are prominent artists who are in demand as painting instructors. How is it possible for them to break the rules and still create a great painting? This exhibit will explore that dichotomy.

Selected artists are Valerie Craig and Carol Lee Thompson from Pennsylvania. Maryland artists include Terry Miller, John Brandon Sills and Abigail McBride. Howard Eberle is from Delaware, Larry Moore from Florida and Jason Sacran from Arkansas.

At 2:00 in the Artist Conversation on April 2nd, the selected ‘rule-breaking’ artists will share what rules they have broken and how they compensated to still create great paintings. Audience participation and questions are welcome.

Carol Lee Thompson’s favorite quote:
“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist! (Pablo Picasso)

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