Blue Fantasia

Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Apr. 30, 2024 - May. 20, 2015

511 West 25th street. Suite 607
New York, New York 10001

Able Fine Art NY Gallery is pleased to present the gallery’s second solo exhibition with talented artist Wonhee Noh, opening on April 30th and running through May 20th, 2015.

Her work, “Blue Fantasia” series strives to create a pure and spontaneous aesthetic blue painting with tools of the past. Her abstract paintings use traditional Korean papers, “Hanji” and Korean ink and pigments, “Hobun.” The result is a delicate work of art that gives mind to the vastness of the ocean and sky. There is no one visual point but a vast expanse that draws the viewer into its all encompassing fold.

Wonhee Noh achieves this by composing with traditional Korean methods. The Hanji is folded after the ink and Hobun has been applied and absorbed. Noh then makes spray spots with water. The effect of the water with the color blue come out in between the layers of attached and additional Hanji to create mysterious illusions which are the great explosive image of the creation of the Cosmos.

Through her paintings based on the color blue, Wonhee Noh pursues answers through the dichotomy between opposites such as yin and yang, birth and death. Ultimately the artist finds a frame work of peace through the conflict. Her work stands as a testament to an optimistic life. A life, where all people, regardless of color or creed, lives in harmony.

Wonhee Noh received her M.F.A. from Hongik University, Seoul, Korea. She has had solo and group exhibitions throughout Korea and her work has been exhibited in many international art fairs including Art Hamptons in New York, LA Art Show in LA, and Europe’s Art, Switzerland.

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