Blue Fantasia

Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Apr. 23, 2024 - May. 7, 2014

511 West 25th Street, Suite # 607
New York City, New York 10001

The artist has exercised the abstract paintings with using the various materiality of Korean papers (hanji) and the effect of spreading, contrast, space, harmony, delicate stream, and speckles of blue color. The experiment comes from the stream line of Korean ink as the base material of Korean traditional painting. Recently, as the result of long term practice after to get the effect of blue color exercise, Noh’s better art pieces are created. Different from the western style abstract expressionism art works, which were expressing the powerful male energy in term of the after World War II, the “Blue Fantasia” series are able to be called the creation of delicate dramatic fantasy coming out in the 21st Century Korea. In her works the mysterious illusions, which are as similar as the mysterious landscape but are slightly different from hide & seek painting, are appearing as same as the up-coming of fantastic drama. Focusing on the delicate blue management which is appearing in-between intension and non-intension like the possibility of infinite birth of permutation of combination, the artist’s main goal of creation is decided to create new art works.

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