Birds of a Feather

Spring Street Gallery

Jun. 21, 2024 - Jul. 1, 2016

1 Spring Street
Block Island, 02807
(401) 466-5374

Susan Coffin at Spring Street

The Spring Street Gallery will start its 2016 season with a show by Susan Coffin, a skilled and versatile artist who works in a variety of media. This year’s show will focus on two areas, jewelry and oil painting.

In the past, Coffin’s painting has portrayed what might be called “scenic Block island”, but this year, looking for something different, she has focused on the birds which frequent Franklin Swamp near her home on the west side. Many of these paintings are of seabirds, but she has also become particularly fascinated with crows. She says “now that I have painted so many, I see them everywhere. There is something ancient and mysterious about them.”

They are also very smart. Crows are traditionally said to like shiny objects (though ornithologists say otherwise), and maybe they would appreciate Coffin’s jewelry, which is as unique as her painting, and often evokes netting.

She says “I try to do unusual pieces, and in the past I have concentrated on crocheting silver wire, right-angle weave necklaces and other patterns done with a needle. This year I am working bracelets in ‘peyote stitch’ and beading tasseled earrings and necklaces”.

The exhibit will run from June 24th through July 1st.
The opening reception will be on Saturday, June 25th from 5 – 7 with music by Cameron Greenlee and refreshments.

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