“Benedick, or Else” at 80WSE Gallery – Dora Budor with Andromache Chalfant

80 Washington Square East, NYU Steinhardt

Dec. 16, 2024 - Feb. 17, 2019

80 Washington Square East
New York, 10003
PHONE (212) 998-5747


Benedick, or Else is a collaborative exhibition at 80 Washington Square East by artist Dora Budor and scenographer Andromache Chalfant. Encompassing all five spaces of the gallery, the show consists of a series of built environments that explore the history of the building as a nineteenth century artist’s residence, as well as an emerging space for contemporary art in the 1970s. Using scenographic tools Budor and Chalfant reconfigure the space of the gallery, creating a live set that responds to its temporary inhabitants.


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