Bay Area Figurative Expressionism of the 20th Century

Calabi Gallery

Apr. 10, 2024 - May. 28, 2021

456 Tenth Street
Santa Rosa, 95401
PHONE 707 781-7070

Calabi Gallery’s new show is an exploration of modernistic figurative art in the era of Abstract Expressionism. Some of these artists moved back and forth between figuration and abstraction and others were strictly figurative, although generally not adhering to conventional concepts of realism. Forms are often extremely abstracted, yet clearly alluding to the human figure, animals, objects, or places. The intent is often to depict a feeling or an idea rather than the representation of physical reality. Each artist has a unique style, with little in common other than a desire to find a more powerful mode of expression. Some worked in a deliberate, controlled manner, while others were more prone to let their subconscious mind direct their output.

As Calabi’s doors are still closed due to the pandemic, not all works will be hung in the gallery, but nearly all will be available for viewing in person by appointment. Although businesses can legally reopen at this time, Calabi Gallery prefers a more conservative approach for the time being. Operating by appointment only enables the number of people in the gallery to be easily limited. Please don’t hesitate to call Dennis to make an appointment (707) 829-2971 or email [email protected]

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