Baskets made by the Wolof Women of Mékhé Village

Brooklyn Workshop Gallery

Apr. 28, 2024 - Apr. 30, 2012

Workshop Gallery Artists Foundation at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery
Brooklyn, New York 11231

Come celebrate our show of beautiful baskets made by the Wolof Women of Mékhé Village. We are featuring Senegalese Music, video presentation of the weaving process, sweets, coffee and tea! The show and sale are open through April. Made of sweetgrass and the bright, colorful flat plastic strips used to make traditionally designed prayer mats, the baskets are a combination of traditional technique and new material resulting in a beautiful and very utilitarian product. They large baskets (often in sets of 3) are used as laundry or storage baskets and the smaller ones for dry goods in the kitchen. The plastic makes them washable and durable, the sweetgrass makes them able to conform to traditional shapes and design. The gallery is also featuring the work of Amani Ansari, Deborah Barlow, Luciano Granato, Shira Gregory, Erin McGrath, Rina Peleg, Cecile Romat, and Adrienne Yurick as well as some special pieces that have been donated to the Foundation. All art work is 25% off with 10% of that being donated to a local school. 10% of all sales (baskets, art and donated pieces) go to the NYC public school of your choice. We especially support the schools in our neighborhood and will have a list on hand should you not know of a school to choose. HANDMADE is a retail project where Workshop Gallery Artists Foundation partners with individual artists, other non-profits or other crafts organizations in order expose the public to beautifully made artisan objects. To see more about this show and about HANDMADE, please visit us on Facebook: Brooklyn Workshop Gallery is a semi-collective atelier space dedicated to the celebration of cultural expressions, transparency in our processes, the sharing of our philosophies and a welcome to others with creative ideas. Workshop Gallery Artists Foundation is a NYS non-profit foundation whose purpose is to promote and facilitate the process of keeping traditional art craft alive and vibrant in our world and to encourage the interpretation and expression of such through the individual artisan.

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