Bad Music: Drawings with Paint by Peter Adrian Alabno

MAC650 Gallery

Nov. 7, 2024 - Nov. 28, 2014

650 Main St.
Middletown, Connecticut 6457

Bad Music: Drawings with Paint by Peter Adrian Albano
Selected Poetry by Paco Winebox

ˈbad,ˈmyü-zik : Things that should be harmonious, but are not.

“I often make the strokes first, and assume a narrative second. As a
result, I seem to portray sawed-off metaphors aiming towards God and
government. Chaotic compositions of brushstroke and vivid colors give
life to domestic objects turned canvas, i.e headboards, doors, and
countertops…This is the first series of paintings I’ve made after an
18 month stint of drawing solely with black Sharpie on white paper. I
approached the new media in the same direct sense I developed during
my time with Sharpie, hence, why I consider these ‘drawings with
paint’ rather than paintings…I feel my purpose to create a drawing
is to characterize the individual, in all of his manic order.”

Peter Adrian Albano is the co-founder of the Sandbox Arts collective.
He lives and works out of Middletown, CT.

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