Audrey Stone – Sky Hold Coast Close Through Valley

Kenise Barnes Fine Art

May. 8, 2024 - Jun. 20, 2021

7 Fulling Lane
Kent, 06757
PHONE 860 592-0220

New exhibition: May 8 – June 20, 2021
We will host a reception for this exhibition, masks are required, and all the doors will be open to the fresh air.
Reception: Saturday May 8, 4 – 6 PM, public invited

Gallery hours: Thursday – Saturday 11:00 – 5:00, Sunday 12:00 – 5:00, and by appointment

Audrey Stone – Sky Hold Coast Close Through Valley

Kenise Barnes Fine Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Audrey Stone. This is the artist’s first one-person exhibition with the gallery.

“Observing shifting color and light in nature is an ecstatic experience for me. I find myself simultaneously excited and calm, a dynamic opposition I seek to generate in my work through the interplay of line and subtle gradients of color,” says Stone in her 2021 artist’s statement.

Audrey Stone is an established abstract painter based in Brooklyn, NY. She is known for her elegant abstract geometric paintings and for her expertise with color. This exhibition presents eleven paintings ranging in size from 17 x 14 inches to 40 x 50 inches. In Stone’s newest paintings, she explores the boundaries between broad and narrow bands of adjacent colors to generate visual vibration. Intrigued by the way the eye and brain process these transitions, the artist is engaged in the viewer’s emotional and physical responses. Beyond color and composition, underlying themes tie the paintings together into series: the giving and receiving of information; concepts of infinity and containment; equality; relationship of self to others; and more recently, death, loss, and absence. Although these subjects are not meant to be absolute in the work, they play a part in both the conception and the process of making.

Stone’s work has been widely exhibited in the United States, and in Japan, England, and Austria. Her work is in the collections of the Ameritas Foundation (Sophia, Bulgaria), Cleveland Clinic, Copelouzos Art Museum (Athens, Greece), Credit Suisse, Fidelity Investments, New York Presbyterian Hospital, to name a few.

Please contact Kenise Barnes, director: [email protected] with inquires or to arrange a preview of the exhibition.

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