AU-DELÀ DES MOTS – La passion des caractères chinois L’art de Sun Chan (Chén Shēn)

Centre Culturel de Chine à Paris

Aug. 26, 2024 - Sep. 8, 2016

1 Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg
Paris, 75007
01 535 - 95920

Self-taught artist Sun Chan is an admirer of Chinese characters since childhood and believes that the millennia-old logograms can take on new alternative expression. He transforms the writing of his mother tongue with clean lines and vibrant colors into kaleidoscope-like motifs that are reminiscent of geometric abstraction.

This exhibition features motif & pattern artwork from Chan’s Mirage, Treble, Perfection and Joy series. The viewing audience is likely to switch between looking at a picture, reading a word and apprehension of the meaning behind the picture, and thus enjoying the unique fun brought on by the Chinese script.

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