Attack of the Robots, New York

ORA Gallery

Sep. 2, 2024 - Sep. 27, 2015

51 7th Avenue
New York, 10010

Martin “The Robot Man” Horspool is one of the few people lucky enough to be able to visualize personalities, hidden in disused household objects. The development of these personalities involves some grinding, drilling and riveting, until a creation is formed, from a pile of vintage parts.

Horspool, a Welshman, attended Art colleges in Wrexham and Liverpool, where his passion for 1950’s and 60’s industrial design originated. Now living the dream in New Zealand, his search for objects has become an obsession for him and his collection of discarded paraphernalia becomes the catalyst for the creation process.

The self confessed urban gypsy collects from car boots, markets, scrap yards, antique shops, auction houses and has stock piled a collection of components to make any magpie jealous. Most Robot sculptures contain original pieces from the 50s and 60s and he finds it important for people to recognise the individual components that make up each one.

He has had sell out exhibitions in New Zealand, with sales to collectors in London, New York, Europe and Japan.

His Robots live with actor Karl Urban of Star Trek, JJ Abrams, Director of Star Trek franchise, Angus Vail who works with KISS, Craig Neville Manning, Chief Engineer at Google New York.

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