Atelier 17 • New YOrk

Susan Teller Gallery

Aug. 31, 2024 - Nov. 30, 2015

PO Box 1291
New York, 10113

A virtual exhibition of prints made by artists of Atelier 17 established in NYC by Stanley William Hayter in 1940. Works by FRED BECKER, MINNA CITRON, HOWARD DAUM, DOROTHY DEHNER, SUE FULLER (her Clown, 1945, showing here), STANLEY WILLIAM HAYTER, FANNIE HILLSMITH, KETT, JEAN MORRISON BECKER, ANNE RYAN, LOUIS SCHANKER, AND OTHERS. Once on site go to “Artists” page Near bottom of right hand column there is a link to the show.

Fuller, Clown, 1945

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