Artist Club Exhibition

Pelham Art Center

Apr. 7, 2024 - May. 21, 2022

155 Fifth Ave
Pelham, 10803
PHONE 914 738-2525

The exhibition features a selection of recent works by members of the Pelham Art Center Artist Club, including more than 50 artists based in Westchester, New York City, and Hudson Valley. The Artist Club Exhibition features over 75 artworks representing a diverse variety of styles and mediums ranging from collage, drawing and painting to sculpture and digital media. This exhibition is the perfect opportunity to discover and collect works by local emerging artists.

Participating Artists: Tom Acevedo, Shahaan O. Azeem, Annette Back, Allison Belolan, Jenn Cacciola, Jennifer Cadoff, Kris Campbell, Heedan Chung, Diane Churchill, Mary Colby, B.A. D’Alessandro, Lisa D’Amico, Florence D’Angelo, Janice DeMarino, Hilda Green Demsky, Anne de Villemejane, Katharine Dufault, Sean “Flanels” Flanagan, Danielle DeVito Ganpat, John R Gilbert, Marianne Goldstein, Larry Gordon, Sharon Grotevant, Livia Gus, Shelley Haven, Mackenzie Heslin-Scott, Erika Hibbert, Lynn Honeysett, Alex W. Hutton, Dorothy Johnson, Amy Kanarek, Eric Kollin, Barbara Korman, Corinne Lapin-Cohen, Paige Lauren, Danielle LeBlanc, Jaime Mclean, Rebecca Mills, Susan L. Nathenson, Anna Novakov (Mala Igla), Patricia Pardini, Joyce Pommer, Victoria Rolett, Susan Saas, Scott Seaboldt, Rebecca Schwarz, Fran Sisco, Sylvia Vigliani, and Paula Wood.

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