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The Artisan Gallery announces three new exhibits

PAOLI, WI – 3/26/15 – April 17th – May 31st 2015

Kay Brathol-Hostvet Still: new works in pastel, Sterling, and In the Cooler: Victoria Nieman – Reiteration

Opening Reception Friday, April 17th, 5pm-9pm; open to the public.

Kay Brathol-Hostvet – Still: new works in pastel
For the last three decades Kay Brathol-Hostvet has given her creative time and focus to the Midwestern landscape. She has spent time all around Wisconsin, visiting various places in order to understand all of its aspects both visually and physically. Still exhibits works in pastel that Brathol-Hostvet has created in regards to both her love and concern for Wisconsin’s timeless imagery. Each painting is inspired by real locations around the state and are, what she considers, a record of what was, what is, and what we could very well lose. Working from a variety of sources including her own photographs, sketches, and notes, Brathol-Hostvet creates carefully designed paintings with intent to capture that transient moment just before nature takes its change.

This show features artwork utilizing silver as a raw material or simply an inspiration. Jewelry, photography, drawing, painting, ceramics, and glass by participating artist: Theresa Abel, Randall Berndt, Carol Chase Bjerke, Jessica Calderwood, Rob Cartelli, Kelli Hoppmann, Richard Jones, Britta Kauppila, Ali Kauss, Tia Kramer, Bill Lemke, Lauren Markley, Paul Nitsche, Erica Schlueter, and Allan Servoss.

IN THE COOLER: Victoria Nieman – Reiteration
Channeling her anxiety about a myriad of issues facing humanity, Nieman constructs skeletal forms of animals by building up and piecing materials together replicating a shed of skin over a skeletal frame. According to Neiman in many ways, the most poignant part of creation is the decay. These works serve as a meditation on this subject and a resting place for her emotional state. In Nieman’s sculptures animals can represent the best part of creation and mortality reminds us of the preciousness of existence.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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