Art, Grief, and Land

University Place Gallery

Jan. 8, 2024 - Feb. 2, 2019

124 Mt Auburn St.
Cambridge, 02138
PHONE 617.876.0246

Modern culture’s insistence that we are outside of nature has led to an estrangement from our wildness. The consequence of seeing ourselves as separate from nature, and therefore of each other, has wrought havoc on the body of the earth and on the bodies of her people. Disenfranchised grief, or Solastalgia, a palpable form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change, reflects our increasing sense of loss. This exhibition seeks work that reflects on the emotional cost of environmental change, work that mourns, laments, rages, rejoices, hopes, and reacts to our changing ecosystem.
“One of the penalties of an ecological education,” he wrote, “is to live alone in a world of wounds.” Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac, 1949

Juried by Patricia Miranda

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