Anthe Zacharias Shaken, Not Stirred: 1970s Color Abstraction 

David Richard Gallery

Oct. 30, 2024 - Nov. 30, 2019

211 East 121st Street
New York, 10035
PHONE 212-882-1705

David Richard Gallery is pleased to present, Shaken, Not Stirred: 1970s Color Abstraction, an exhibition by Anthe Zacharias and her second solo exhibition with the gallery. In the 1970s, Zacharias pushed the boundaries, both figuratively and literally, for exploring color in contemporary abstract painting and new processes for applying pigment to canvas. Not only was Zacharias bathing her canvases in paint, but she also explored the role of monumentality of the canvas, immersing the viewer in an experience with color and her vision for abstract painting. Her studio process became a physical performance and technical challenge while her canvases became more theatrical and heroic. This presentation examines several such brushless approaches for applying color to canvas as well as the impact of scale on the viewing experience.

David Richard Gallery

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