Answers In The Dark | Jordyn Fishman & Curt LaCross

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center

Jul. 9, 2024 - Aug. 29, 2019

119 N Washington Square
Lansing, 48933
PHONE +517 374 6400

The work of LaCross and Fishman is about internal conflict. Their work addresses the challenges encountered in confronting internal struggles. They share a united interest in illustrating a genuine examination of how humans process and react to the pain and the struggles we face.

LaCross has worked to develop a body of work where by the physical manifests the psychoanalytical paradoxes present in the human consciousness. His aim is to construct sculptural events that introduce a dialogue between these characteristics, paradoxes and polarities. While LaCross’s work deals with guilt, habit, desire, and consequences, Fishman’s paintings focus on portraying the challenges women face in relation to sexual violence.

The circumstances that occur in one’s life mold our strengths, our deformities, our vulnerabilities, and our essence; LaCross and Fishmans’ work compliments each other in an exhibition to portray these characteristics of the humanistic experience.


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