Animals A to Z

Wildling Museum of Art and Nature

Jun. 26, 2024 - Oct. 9, 2017

1511B Mission Dr.
Solvang, 93463
PHONE 805-688-1082

Travel through the alphabet as the Wildling showcases a diverse artistic representation of animal species from African saddlebills to zebras and everything in between. The artworks range from realistic to abstract and represent many different mediums. Curated from private collections, artists, and even from animals themselves, Executive Director Stacey Otte-Demangate designed the exhibition to engage viewers with familiar species and discover some that are more obscure. Artworks featuring endangered species will have a special notation to help bring awareness to the crisis they face. Some of these species, like the California condor, are being actively assisted by the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Animals: A-Z

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