An American in Paris: Drawings by Mary Colman Wheeler

The Chazan Gallery at Wheeler

Mar. 13, 2024 - Apr. 7, 2017

228 Angell Street
Providence, 02906
(401) 421-9230

The drawings on display are selected from a portfolio donated by Richard and Betty Ann Wheeler of Concord, Massachusetts, Mary Wheeler’s birthplace. The collection offers a fascinating insight into the teaching methods employed by the 19th century French atelier, most prominently the use of the plaster cast as a means of heightening observational skills and the precise rendering of value.
The exhibition will also include photographs and Wheeler’s letters written from Paris to her family in Concord, revealing her thoughts on life as a single woman living abroad, Jacquesson’s teaching method, and her desire to create educational opportunities for women by establishing a French-style art school in the United States.

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