Amie Cunat’s Parenthetical Bounce

Court Tree Collective

Sep. 6, 2024 - Sep. 27, 2014

371 Court Street - 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11231
718 422 7806

Enfolding the language of abstract formal painting into a cultural language of letters, marks, and corrective scribbles, Amie Cunat presents a new series of paintings at Court Tree Collective, Brooklyn. Super-flat with sharp-edged forms battling vibrant colors for supremacy, the paintings exude formal tension while investing the marks of language with comedic ineptness. Pictorially, the “marks” take on a new character as they parody behaviors of the body, actions attempting to outgrow or escape the canvas ­hemmed in by warps and wedges of color.

Balancing an intelligent exploration of painting with abstracted cultural signifiers is a hallmark of Cunat’s practice. At first flat, formal shapes and their respective hues frame the figure/ground relationship as a means to impart simultaneity (agency), finding corollaries between the poetic and perceptive character of the work. Recently returning from an artist-in-residence program in Japan and another at The Cooper Union, Cunat’s recent works reflect research enmeshed with issues of translation, tenor of color, and codependence of composition.

A graduate of Cornell University and Fordham University with studies at The Art Institute of Chicago, Cunat has exhibited works at AIRY Gallery, Japan and in New York at White Box Gallery and Dumbo Arts Center. She lives and practices in New York and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Painting and Drawing at Fordham University.

The exhibition will take place from September 6th to 27th, 2014 with an opening reception on Sept 6th, 2014 from 7pm to 10pm. Court Tree Collective is open Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 PM. Located on the second floor at 371 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY the space is two blocks from the F and G Carroll Stop.

Written by Ryder Richards for Court Tree Collective

Contact: Stephen Lipuma

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 718.422.7806

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