Allan Servoss and Rick Hintze: New Work

Artisan Gallery

Jan. 6, 2024 - Feb. 19, 2017

6858 Paoli Rd.
Paoli, 53508
(608) 845-6600

Allan Servoss has chosen colored pencil and casein as his preferred media to depict the quiet serene landscapes of the driftless area. His work is wholly from his imagination but based in his awareness of the region, lending a familiar aura to these illusory landscapes. We have paired Servoss with the graceful ceramics of Rick Hintze, whose work invites us to be contemplative. Using clean lined forms and subtle surfaces achieved through carved line work and textural ocher slips sprayed over the exteriors of the pots as well as glazes that pool within the surface markings. These two artists share an affinity in atmosphere and tone as well as an exacting craftsmanship.

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