Alice Dalton Brown: Pastels

The Butler Institute of American Art

Sep. 22, 2024 - Nov. 24, 2019

534 Wick Avenue
Youngstown, 44502
PHONE 330 743.1107

This exhibition is comprised of a selection of over 35 pastel works of “Realist” imagery from artist Alice Dalton Brown. This body of work depicts stunning window views from within sheltered places, and visually appealing views of the structural aspects of homes and buildings. Brown uses a vantage point that enhances the sculptural qualities of a structure, and opposes them with the disorder of the natural world. The resulting imagery evokes an association with shelter, identity, the holding of memories and inspires daydreams. As with all of Alice Dalton Brown’s work, the strong representation of warmth and light in the imagery provides dynamics for a strong composition, and rhythmic placement of horizontal and vertical elements are a counterpoint to the complexity and uncertainty of nature.

The Butler exhibited a collection of Brown’s large oil paintings titled, Light and Space: The Paintings of Alice Dalton Brown in the spring of 2018. Her 75” x 107” oil on canvas painting, Autumn Reverie, is part of The Butler’s Permanent Collection.

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