Alex Couwenberg: Chevrons

Andrea Schwartz Gallery

Mar. 21, 2024 - Apr. 26, 2018

545 4th Street
San Francisco, 94107
PH 425.495.2090

Alex Couwenberg’s acrylic paintings reflect his fastidious attention to detail and his obsession over process. Through a constant investigation of materials and process, Couwenberg’s paintings are informed by the visual landscape of his native Los Angeles. Mid-century design, furniture, architecture, surf and skateboard culture, color and graphics, as well as hard-edge abstraction all play a role in his work. The paint, pin striping, and finish associated with hot rod and custom car culture also impact the aesthetic of his paintings. Couwenberg’s newest work embraces the V-shaped chevron form, whose sharp edges are incorporated seamlessly into the overall geometric style of the paintings. Composed and orchestrated in a manner that suggests architecture, geometry, and design, Couwenberg’s paintings constantly pursue the balance between intuition and control.

Andrea Schwartz Gallery

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