Adia Millett: There is No Them. There is Only Us.

Traywick Contemporary

Sep. 11, 2024 - Nov. 6, 2021

895 Colusa Avenue
Berkeley, 94707
PHONE 510-527-1214

In her recent paintings and works on paper, Millett addresses issues of identity, personal memory and collective history. The title refers to her interest in bringing together the multi-layered voices of our collective past. These “foremothers” take on ethereal forms including shadows, orbs and draped figures which emerge or offer portals into puzzle-like landscapes. Millett constructs her painting compositions much like her textile-based work, drawing on the powerful story-telling traditions of quilt-making and stained glass practices. Pieced together in this way, patterns and colors bear witness to events over time, as she pays homage to the past with a steady eye on the journey ahead.

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