Abstract Universe

The Gabarron Foundation - Carriage House Center for the Arts

Mar. 8, 2024 - May. 8, 2012

149 East 38 Street
New York, New York 10016
212 573-6968


“Abstract Universe” is an exhibition of large-scale pulverized glass and acrylic paintings by Carol Brown Goldberg. The exhibition is curated by Donald Kuspit, distinguished scholar and art critic, who describes this selection of Goldberg’s work as “Baroque Color Field painting” that has been inspired by the artist’s reflection on the Creation. The artist states that “In my art, I create a system, a layering, that allows me to get into a flow of timelessness, and the repetition of shapes and forms compound the meditative process. I am in awe at the alchemy of paint, and how fluid can be harnessed to create images that transport us into a realm of mystery.”

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