A Summer of Inspiration at Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery

Jun. 14, 2024 - Jul. 5, 2016

530 West 25th St, Chelsea
NYC, 10001
212.226.4151 ext. 202


This June Agora Gallery will present three exhibitions that interrogate methods of visual communication for the modern world. Pathway to Abstraction features nine artists’ takes on the process of abstracting an image, moving from acrylic geometry through three-dimensional texturizing. Some retain a recognizable shape, some work with realistic colors – but all demonstrate the emotional power of combining the familiar and the fantastic. Mélange of Milieu is a joint exhibition including nineteen artists whose ways of focusing, editing, and exaggerating are all compelling in different ways. Kelley Millet: Free Falling / a solo exhibition brings together a collection of the New York artist’s works that display his expertise with layering paint, minimal color, and intuitive pattern-making.

These three exhibits touch upon abstraction as it manifests itself: in light, color, shape, and texture; heavily and gently; locally and internationally; and throughout all kinds of subject matter. The genre of abstraction is full of famous names, but the artists working within it today are as innovative and imaginative as ever. Agora Gallery is pleased to be able to bring together such a far-reaching survey.

All three exhibitions will run from June 14th, 2016 through July 5th, 2016. The opening reception will take place on the evening of June 16th from 6-8 pm. Entrance is free.

Exhibition Dates: June 14, 2016 – July 5, 2016
Reception: Thursday June 16, 2016, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 11:00am – 6:00pm
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York
Event URL: http://www.agora-gallery.com/receptionexhibitions/6_16_2016.aspx

Featured Artists:

Kelley Millet: Free Falling / a solo exhibition

Kelley Millet

Mélange of Milieu

Fanny Horowitz | Marian Gaucher | Tiziana Fejzullaj | Gabriel Riggioni | Iva Milanova | Alexander Knutrud | CAVADA | Mache del Campo | Zhenkun Li | Jorge Shen | Cheryl Pettigrew | Arno Goossens | Michael Ostromooukhov | Kirsten Hagen | Melissa Helene | Juliet Evans | Duane Anderson | Cherril Kolesik | GOTASI

Pathway to Abstraction

Trent Altman | Chris Brandell | Rejane Dal Bello | Angélique Droessaert | Jaime Elimelech | Andrey Figol | Sarah Elyse Granetz | Loren Howard | Andriy Kopchak

About Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery located in the heart of Chelsea’s fine art district in New York. Established in 1984, Agora Gallery specializes in connecting art dealers and collectors with national and international artists. The art gallery’s expert consultants are available to assist corporate and private clients in procuring original artwork to meet their organization’s specific needs and budget requirements. With a strong online presence and popular online gallery, ARTmine, coupled with the spacious and elegant physical gallery space, the work of our talented artists, who work in diverse media and styles, can receive the attention it deserves. Over the years Agora Gallery has sponsored and catered to special events aimed at fostering social awareness and promoting the use of art to help those in need.

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