A Room for Failure

Piero Atchugarry Gallery

Feb. 21, 2024 - May. 19, 2019

5520 NE, 4th avenue
Miami, 33137
P: 305 639 8247


Room for Failure is a group exhibition about the thought process and connection that exists between the mental space of the creator and the end result (the artwork)—the subjective versus the objective. It is often associated with the simple action of defeat, collapse, and nonsuccess. Although “failure” has a negative connotation and it is read as a condition of not meeting a desirable objective, it often translates as a human, poetic, and magical moment that leads to triumph. The sixteen artists in this exhibition tend to function outside the norm of artmaking, where concepts charged with political, social, and personal histories collide with the
use of unusual materials. The performative and the presence of the body bridge the soul to a particular moment in time.

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