A Response to Sol LeWitt’s Studio by Irene Barberis

SACI Gallery

Aug. 15, 2024 - Aug. 22, 2019

454 W 19th Street
New York, 10011
PHONE 212.248.7225


Variations and Compositions:  A response to Sol LeWitt’s Studio
3.15.19 – 6.1.19

ON VIEW: AUGUST 15 – 22, 2019

Irene Barberis, an Australian/British artist, met Sol LeWitt in 1974 and remained friends for over 30 years. She is the first artist to have the privilege to make work in Sol LeWitt’s studio in Chester and has produced new bodies of works responding to the space, his studio processes and intersections in their oeuvres and his influence on her practice. The works shown here are from this period and are a prelude to major works constructed in Australia.

“Often perceived as ‘composer’, LeWitt worked every day in his Chester studio; immersed daily in his space, I have responded to this idea in two series of works. Variations and Compositions. Variations react in a painterly manner, to the studio publication copy of the 1974 ‘Incomplete Open Cubes’. Compositions: intervals, are a series of colour dialogues with the 13 classical music tapes he left in his studio.” – Irene Barberis, 2019


To learn more about this exhibition, please visit: https://saci-florence.edu/sol-lewitts-studio-saci-new-york-gallery

Please RSVP, as our space tends to get quite full! Food and drinks provided.


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