A Celebration of Contemporary Abstract Work

Paper Birch Landing Gallery

Jan. 4, 2024 - Jan. 27, 2018

405 East 19th Avenue Suite 2B
North Kansas City, 64116
PHONE 913-490-9907


For this show, selected artists from Kansas City and around the country are displaying their best visual art that falls into the category of Contemporary Abstract.

The 1950’s brought us one of the most prolific art movements of our time, the Abstract Expressionist Movement in America. We saw artists such as Pollock, Rothko, Still, de kooning, Newman, Kline, Smith, Guston and Gorky come on the scene with brilliant works that truly captured creative energy, flow and expression. Their works are still at the front of interior design concepts, art lectures and influence.

Contemporary Abstract work is where “Artists work by reviving and transforming archetypes from the unconscious of modern culture.” Artists work with design elements and themes that relate to Cosmology, Landscapes, Anatomical design, Fabric, Architecture, Signs, Emotions, Social issues and Spirituality – just to name a few. We feel when gazing at Contemporary Abstract work that we are transported to another place or inside the artists mind, perhaps even finding new places within our own mind as the piece takes us on a journey. Abstract artists work fills us with emotions from calm, peace and inner quiet – to joy, happiness and radiance – to loss, love and everything in between. Just the stroke of a brush, angle of a camera, line of a sculpture will evoke different emotions in us

The Show will run the month of January 2018 at the gallery. Online sales will also be available.

Join us for the reception for the show on North Kansas City’s Second Saturday – January 13th from 5pm to 9pm. Live Music by House Musician Ric Gordon and live spoken word poetry. Want to make an artwalk night out of the evening? Visit Calibration Brewery and Gloria Heifner’s Art Studio during the evening for more art and more fun!

Runyu Xia – Long Island, New York
Michael Phelps – Kansas City, MO
Aimee Fresia – Lee’s Summit, MO
Kent Van Dusseldorp – Kansas City, MO
Jim Ramirez – Kansas City, MO
Gwen Thurn – Fairway, Kansas
Merik Coltrain – Merriam, Kansas
Susan Kiefer – Kansas City, MO
Haley Sellmeyer – Kansas City
Brenda McDermott – Kansas City, MO
Stacy McCollum – Lenexa, KS
Jean McGuire – Kansas City, MO
Penny Fairman – Overland Park, KS
Xiao Chen – Kansas City, MO
Ann Ewing Jones – Lenexa, KS
Susana Bruhn – Kansas City, MO
Joseph Jurkiewicz – Lee’s Summit, MO
Tiffany Carter – Shawnee, KS
Natosha Keefer – Olathe, KS
Shelly Pinto – North Kansas City
Ny Wetmore – Lee’s Summit, MO

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