5th Annual Cup Show

Jansen Art Center

Jun. 1, 2024 - Sep. 1, 2017

321 Front Street
Lynden, 98264
Phone (360) 354-3600


How many ways can you make a cup? The Jansen Art Center plans to show you over 100 variations during the 5th Annual Cup Show – a collection of work from over forty ceramic artists from around the United States and Canada.

This exhibit will be on display at the Jansen Art Center from June 1 through September 1, 2017. The Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony takes place on Thursday, June 1 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The public is invited to attend the Opening Reception and vote on their choice for the People’s Choice Award. The Judge’s Choice awards will also be presented that evening.

Th​e 5th Annual Cup Show​ is sponsored by Tony’s Coffee, the Whatcom Artists of Clay and Kiln (WACK) and the Clay Art Center in Tacoma.

Jesse Rasumussen, the Ceramics Studio Manager at the Jansen Art Center said, “I think the beauty of a cup show is seeing the artistic spectrum that each artist brings to a very simple, single idea. The cup.” There is definitely a buzz around seeing all the variations from a diverse group of artists.

In 2016, the Cup Show grew from a regional event to a national event, and this year the reach of the event has grown to include submissions from over 50 artists representing eight cities in Washington, seventeen states in the United States, and three cities in British Columbia.

The jury selected 105 cups for the exhibit (up from 76 cups in 2016), representing artists from as far away as Massachusetts and Florida and as close to home as artists Carol Peacock and Ruth Hesse, who create their work in the Ceramic Studio at the Jansen Art Center.

Also new for this year’s exhibit, the Jansen Art Center will be creating an online store to feature all of the cups that are available for sale. The online store will launch the day after the Opening Reception, giving attendees first choice in purchasing their favorite cups.

Rasmussen adds, “The popularity of this event means that the cups sell quickly.” He encourages everyone to come to the opening reception for the best selection, and to meet the artists that will be attending.

Jansen Art Center

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