2021 Annual Affiliates Exhibition

First Street Gallery

Nov. 30, 2024 - Dec. 18, 2021

526 West 26th Street, Suite 209
New York, 10001
PHONE 646 336-8053


Michele BonDurant My art is anchored in looking. My paintings and collages are based on observation. An economy of expression and the role that color plays is the focus of my work.
My motivation is to manipulate color, shape, composition and subject matter in such a way that it engages the viewer and invites closer investigation and interpretation.

Gilles Giuntini ‘s collage pieces are a product of the imposed isolation and consequent focus that Corona has granted us. They attempt to break away from more established conventions of collage. At their core the pieces are about contradictions both natural and political; contradictions inherent in the profound state of transition in which he believes we currently find ourselves.

Kathy A. Moore paints and draws from intense visual observation based on the still life motif. Her intent is to place the viewer within her immediate visual perspective, as if the viewer is present, stepping out of a spectator role. Within each still life, she aspires to convey a luminous, quiet, and intimate order.

John Rohlfing New ceramic vessels.

Carolyn Sheehan creates art works that are best described by color and images. She combines creativity and imagination with emotions in every piece with the sole purpose of not only creating an aesthetic that impacts the feelings but causes pleasure as well. Every piece is worked like a sculpture which is three dimensional and they take shape in a style in which the icon is always the focal point.

Jane Shoenfeld Although my paintings are grounded in the natural world of forms, movement, and light, much of my work is abstract and invokes the world of dreams. I alter colors to express emotion. Vivid hues, kinesthetic mark making, and the resonance of layers, both literal and metaphoric, characterize my pastel paintings.

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