2019 National Juried Exhibition

First Street Gallery

Jun. 20, 2024 - Jul. 13, 2019

526 west 26th st, 209
New York, 10001
PHONE 631 555 2227


FIRST STREET GALLERY is pleased to present the 2019 National Juried Exhibition. Juried by New York City gallerist Nancy Margolis, the works are a rich mix of painting, collage, mixed media, sculpture and photography. Ranging across diverse genres, styles, media and treatments, from figuration to non-objective imagery, the exhibition presents complementary yet distinctly individual artistic sensibilities.

The artists showcased are J.L. Abraham(NY), Erick Anderson(OH), David Barnett NY), Kevin Bernstein(KS), Yana Beylinson(NY), Tyler Bohm(OH), Michele BonDurant(OH), Caitlin Bottoms-Newby(NY), Alaiyo Bradshaw (NY), Daniel Brewer(PA), Andy Brown(FL), Connie Brow(CT), Benjamin Buhl(PA), Ian Clyde(NY), Joey Cocciardi(NY), Susan Cohen(NY), Carol Crawford(NY), Anne Crowley(NY), Len DeLuca(NY), Stephen Dolleck(NY), Robert Feinland(NY), Sheila Ferri(NY), Nancy Gruskin(MA), Tracy Kerdman(NY), Monika Malewska(PA), Barbara Marks(CT), Russell Mehlman(NY), Norma Minkowitz(CT), Lisa Noble(VA), Sara O’Connor(NJ), James Parlin(PA), Laurie Peek(NY), Sarah Ratchye(CA), Marie Riccio(MD), Mark Rich(CT), Micheline Ronningen(OR).

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