2014 Cash and Carry Holiday Show

The Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Dec. 16, 2024 - Jan. 4, 2015

299 West Avenue (in Mathews Park)
Norwalk, Connecticut 6850


CCP’s 2014 Cash and Carry Holiday Show, gives members the opportunity to offer their works for purchase just when people are looking to find original works of art at reasonable prices. Unframed works must be 22″ x 30″ or smaller, and will be hung using clips provided by the Center. Framed works should measure no more than 36″ in any direction and be ready-to-hang. Works should be dropped off at the Center on Monday, December 15. As works sell, they will be taken home by buyers and additional works will replace them. Works under $500 are preferred, artists receive 50% of sale price and 50% will go to the support programs at the Center. Entries limited to 2 per person.

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