Ziatype 1 Workshop

PhotoSynthesis LLC

Jun. 7, 2014, 10:00 am

136½ Pine Street
860 783 5443


Ziatype 1
2-Day Class
Saturday, June 7–Sunday, June 8, 2014:

The ziatype is a modern alternative photographic process reminiscent of the 19th century platinum process, though it is more user-friendly and cost-friendly than the platinum process. Like the platinum print, ziatypes exhibit cold gray to warm brown hues. When ziatypes are printed onto paper prepared with a salted gelatin sizing, commonly used in 19th century photography, the richness of tones and luminosity of highlights become more dramatic than what is possible with unsalted papers.

This is an intense two-day workshop in which participants will learn the process of making digital negatives for contact printing, proper materials handling and paper coating, and the exposure and processing of the ziatype on salted gelatin paper.

Participants are asked to bring digital files, negatives, or photos, from which to make enlarged negatives suitable for contact printing to the coated paper. Those wishing to get a head start will be instructed in how to prepare their images for contact negatives prior to the class.

Workshop fee includes materials.

Non-members: $295
Members: $265
Course Enrollment: 4–8
Instructor: Jessica Somers (jessicasomers.com)

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