Workshop: Slip Casting, Modular Molds, and Layering Color

The Umbrella Arts Center

Nov. 5, 2023, 10:00 am

40 Stow Street
PHONE 978 371-0820

This workshop will explore the unique techniques Kyle Johns has developed to create his fractured, vibrant slip cast sculpture. We will begin with a series of slides and a discussion of how Kyle grew into his current methods. Kyle will demonstrate mold design, staining clay, and slip casting principles. We will discuss the use of mason stains as clay colorants and discuss how to achieve control of color saturation and intensity. Kyle will guide students to a deep understanding of the nuances of plaster and ceramic materials, and insight into how this process has influenced his work.

Widely exhibited and published artist and teacher, Kyle Johns is the new Ceramics Artist-in-Residence at The Umbrella Arts Center. With an MFA from Ohio University, Kyle has been a resident at Red Lodge Clay Center, The Interdisciplinary Ceramics Research Center, The Archie Bray Foundation, and The International Ceramics Center in Kecskemet, Hungary. He has taught at Kansas State University, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and the Ceramics Program at Harvard University.

Kyle’s work deconstructs traditional industrial mold-making processes and functional domestic objects – from mugs and shot glasses to vases and holiday ornaments – to create unique new forms that explore “the grey area” between the practical and the sculptural.

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