Wild & Scenic Film Fest with Family Art-i-vism

The Umbrella Arts Center

Nov. 28, 2020, 03:30 pm

40 Stow St.
PHONE 978.371.0820


Home for the Thanksgiving weekend? It’s time to tap into your children’s creativity and excitement for the natural world. This free event with storytelling, 11 short films, and recycled art activities offers easy, interactive and fun ways for them to be inspired and make positive change for our environment!

Storyteller Jane Stenson will introduce our special film program and end with an introduction to an “Art-I-Vism Through Recycled Art” activity. It is easy and fun for your children to do on their own, or you can do together as a family! The activity focuses on a central theme from our films: reducing the impact of plastic pollution.
Through the creation of their very own art projects, we hope children will cultivate a better understanding of the importance of reducing single-use plastics, so that your local waterways and their wildlife may thrive.

This free program is designed for K-4 but is fun for children of all ages. Everyone registered will receive activity directions.
This program is hosted by OARS and The Umbrella Arts and Environment Program. Supported by the Wild & Scenic River Stewardship Council.

Register at http://oars3rivers.org/event/2020/nov/wild-scenic-films-artivism

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