WestBeth Winter Show 2021

Westbeth Art Gallery

Nov. 20, 2021, 12:00 pm

57 Bethune Street
PHONE 646 309-7109


Belatedly coinciding with Westbeth Artists Housing’s 50th anniversary, Westbeth Gallery‘s Winter Show presents a large selection of remarkable new work created by over 75 emerging and established Westbeth artists.

Working within the parameters of self-quarantine and the unsettled times, the exhibit explores both simplicity and explicitly the eloquent response of visual artists through a range of their artistic practice, including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, photography, mixed media, multimedia, textile art, and installation.

For so long, places of art were silent and the art of the resident’s artists isolated, with this show, Westbeth Gallery has created a not only place of beauty and vitality, but an environment that captures the essence of artistic dialogue and inspiration. And, in the tradition of art as the questioner of the status quo, the show also explores issues of racism, identity, and environmental degradation.

The Winter Show is the result of the achievement of art to transform lives.

The exhibit also introduces the changes in the gallery during the past two years when it was closed. Working in close collaboration with Ellen Salpeter, Westbeth CEO, and the Visual Arts team of the Westbeth Artists Residents Council chaired by Mourrice Papi, the Gallery has been updated with new lighting, funded by Westbeth Beautification Committee, and new branding designed by Topos Graphics.

For further info: [email protected]

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