We Shall Overcome Reception

Calabi Gallery

Feb. 18, 2017, 04:00 pm

456 Tenth Street
Phone (707) 781-7070


WE SHALL OVERCOME: Art of Defiance and Resistance to Illicit Governance and Corporate Malfeasance

This exhibition features works of art in all media which refer to power gone wrong and other social maladies, spanning a period from 1853 to 2017. While the current political climate was obviously a catalyst for the show, it seemed important to look at the current fascistic situation in the context of the historically perpetual struggle of the people versus the power elite. Some of the art simply mirrors realities of the times, while others are biting satirical commentaries, and some offer paths out of the darkness.

Historical artists include Honore Daumier, Francis DeErdeley, Oswaldo Guayasamin, Jean Halpert-Ryden, Robert McChesney, Thomas Nast, and Irving Norman. Some of the contemporary artists are Catherine Daley, Holly Downing, Molly Eckler, Evelyn Glaubman, Art Hazelwood, Tyler Hoare, Mary Fuller McChesney, Michael McMillan, and Emmanuel Catarino Montoya.

Opening Reception Saturday, February 18th from 4-7pm at Calabi Gallery 456 Tenth Street in Santa Rosa, CA

Calabi Gallery.Calabi Gallery.

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