Watercolor Painting: Landscapes, Skies, and Water with Lee Mothes

River Arts on Water

Sep. 17, 2022, 12:00 am

590 Water St
PHONE 608 643-5215


Treat yourself to two days of painting with Lee Mothes! Beginners and returning students are welcome, as well as anyone who wants to try new techniques. Lee will start by demonstrating watercolor techniques in capturing cloud patterns, sunlight-on-water, landforms, foliage, and the sense of distance in hills or mountains. Then the class will start painting. Lee will help each student with setting up colors on a palette, how to use brushes, create washes with colors, plus offer tips on perspective and composition. You may choose to work in graphite pencil, color pencils or ink along with watercolor. Lee will provide a list of drawing and watercolor supplies. You may also bring pastels, color pencils, or ink pens to explore and play with.

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