“Warrior Dreams” Opening Reception

Jennifer Norback Fine Art

Aug. 8, 2014, 05:00 am

217 W. Huron


Jennifer Norback Fine Art is pleased to announce its debut exhibition from multimedia artist Cathy Bruni Norris as she partners with visual artist Patti Bartelsten for “Warrior Dreams.”

An exploration into new medias, Warrior Dreams presents two different, yet complementary styles as Bruni Norris’ uniquely luminescent abstract digital and acrylic pieces are paired with the dreamlike photography of Bartelstein. The result is a show veiled in a mysterious body of work that is ethereal yet edgy, complex yet composed.

“My artistic philosophy is my life philosophy: ‘Here’s the universe. Now figure out what to do,’ ” says Bruni Norris. “And what I have figured out to do is explore and discover artistic processes by which I can bring mental states and emotional experiences into the world. My process is intuitive and experimental and most recently has been augmented by digital explorations that allow me to discover images within abstract forms. By scanning my drip paintings and using graphic design software that allows one to mirror and flip the image, new patterns and forms emerge. I am greatly humbled and invigorated that these new images are offered by the techniques that create my drip paintings. This long journey had led me to Chinese dragons, mythical creatures, and, especially, warriors!”

Warrior Dreams will premiere with a special opening reception on Friday, August 8 at JNFA. The show will run through the month of August.

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