Visionaries SEERS of the SOUL International Exhibition

Blue Door Gallery

Sep. 6, 2014, 03:00 am

13 Riverdale Ave.

The artists delve into the subconscious and/or dream and glean, meditate, intuit, and from that space create from a base that goes equally inward and outward. In essence a mandala, that begins with a center and emanates out. The process may begin with sound, word, thought, visions, dreams and/or nature…no matter what the source, what is manifested is a sincere deep interchange with our most inner voice…This voice rings softly and gently perceptible by those who listen intently, in the creation of artworks.

There are visionaries, Seers of the Soul, that walk down every path. This exhibition hails artists who dive deep, and emerge with new insights and vision. They, with fear or not, tread deeply into other worlds.

Come see how artists depict their inner most thoughts and visions.

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