Vision Art Gala

Six Summit Gallery

Oct. 16, 2014, 06:15 pm

23rd St. & West Side Highway

An extraordinary art Gala at Pier Sixty in Chelsea on Thursday October 16th, followed by ongoing virtual show to benefit the arts program at YAI, This will be an evening dedicated to moving our society towards a greater understanding of how to make community acceptance and inclusion a reality.

Jurors for the show include Steven Assael, widely regarded as one of the top figurative artists in the world, David Wenzel, The Hobbit, graphic novel illustrator, Domingo Zapata, internationally acclaimed Spanish-American post-abstract representational painter, Vanessa Williams, film, television, and music star. Curated by Leonardo Feroleto of Six Summit Gallery.

Franz Fox’s work, Instinctual Drift, has been selected for this event.
This piece is in the new genre of art that Franz has created and calls Neoplasticity. Neoplasticity is in the movement of psychic automatism, which gives priority to the process, emphasizing impulse over premeditated composition. This involves the introduction of a main figural element as subject matter and fine detail added with pen and ink, creating a sense of shadow and movement, with hidden figures and symbols. The birth of Neoplasticity started with the blank canvas that was on his easel at the time of his first wife’s sudden death. He used this canvas to record my fracturous thoughts and experiences following her death. Instinctual Drift, by Franz Fox, is a mixed media (acrylic and ink) on 48 x 60 gallery wrapped canvas. This painting is dedicated to the Spanish painters, mainly Salvador Dali, who is depicted near the center of the painting, who are part of Fox’s Spanish heritage and who have significantly impacted his body of work through his studies in Malaga, Spain. Bidding for artwork can be accessed at this link:

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