Tour of Rodin Permanent Collection

The Cantor Arts Center

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

Lomita Drive at Museum Way
PHONE 650 723-4177

The Cantor Arts Center was developed as the Stanford University first began to evolve into a formal college campus. The Stanford family began the collection by traveling the world collecting objects of art and significant cultural peices. The museum originated to share the founders collection with students and the public.

Today the Stanford faculty and staff, care for the facility and original collection as well as new exhibitions, professional shows by professors and students.

The Center’s very popular collection of 200 works by Rodin are a highlight of the museums sculpture garden. The Rodin bronzes are among the largest grouping in the world. The focus of the statues is maintained in the three ground-floor galleries.

For more information on Rodin and the Cantor Arts Center visit the museum website.

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