Tour of Permanent Dillon Ripley Center Exhibitions

International Gallery, Dillon Ripley Center

Dec. 29, 2027, 12:00 am

1100 Jefferson Drive, SW
PHONE 202 387 2151

Robert Weingarten’s 60×90-inch photographs, “Pushing the Boundaries, Robert Weingarten” are presented at the International Gallery, Dillon Ripley Center. The images are translucent composites, built from multiple digital images that are layered subjects. Each photo is iconic, a time a place, that represents a combined portrait and makes them who they are.

Weingarten’s photos are like biographies that are complicated and and as flexible in image as the individuals that they represent. He complements his selection of historic photographs with the National Museum of American History’s Photographic History Collection. The photos often depict ordinary people with ordinary tools and trade, as well as photographs of well-known subjects used with other combination prints.

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