To Sometimes Disappear

New York Arts Residency and Studios Foundation (NARS)

Jun. 4, 2021, 05:00 pm

201 46th Street, 4th Flr
PHONE 718 768-2765

NARS Foundation is excited to present To Sometimes Disappear, an exhibition featuring the works of our Season II, 2021 Artists in Residence, Joseph Liatela, Kristen Cochran, Shay Arick, Sanghyun Koh, Liliana Farber, Johanna Strobel, and Yoshie Sugito.

To Sometimes Disappear is a series of reflections on how the physical realm can be redefined by the
ways we experience grief, desire, time, and existence.

Through the collection, classification, and processing of materials and information, these artists draw parallels between old and new technologies, alchemy and science, conceptual and intuitive actions, and natural and artificial processes.

Mostly in the form of installations, these works speak about the transformation of time, of meaning and form –manifestations, exchanges, embodiments, appearances and disappearances.

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