The Woven Tale Press 2015 Selected Works

The Empty Spaces Project

Dec. 5, 2015, 06:00 pm

114 Main Street

The Woven Tale Press and The Empty Spaces Project bring to you an exhibition of selected works and Readings for our December issue. The book showcases over 60 artist from around the world. The artist that will be exhibiting are:
Joan Giordano, Seth Apter, Donatella D’Angelo, Richard Malinsky, Eileen Williams, Elizabeth Tyler, Billie Robson / Art by Canace, David Hayes, Susan Tuttle, Dale Roberts, Michael Alfano, Jens Norman, Nick Swearer, Ken Berman, Jacob Surland, David Rubello, Christopher Woods, Lara Cobden, Paul J Toussaint, Christine Kalafas

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