The Third Annual Castaway Holiday Show

Arts Society of Kingston(ASK)

Dec. 16, 2016, 12:00 am

97 Broadway
(845) 338-0333

A brand new, special one night only performance featuring outstanding live holiday performances from The Castaway Players Theatre Company:
Sean Matthew Whiteford, Remember Jones, Henry George Staats III, AnnChris Warren, Olivia Rose Michaels, Kerry Gibbons, Michael Siktberg, Briana Cermak, Juda Leah, Melissa Lynne Staats, Wendell Scherer, Caira Asante, Rachel Karashay, Todd Michael Thomas, Marisa Sillner, Thomas Hricisak, Lucia Legnini, Molly Cambone, Nicki Smith, Caitlyn Classey, PJ Kraus, Brandon Argento, Alexandra Walsh, Nate Dotson, Micah Cowher, Henry Mosto, Jared Whiteford, The BGC Royals & more! Proceeds support The Boys & Girls Club of Saugerties.

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