The Creative Cycle with Tom Neel

Live An Artful Life Gallery

Jun. 23, 2016, 06:30 am

6474 Main Street

While we are born uninhibited by creativity, for many, time and adult responsibilities eventually become a hurtle to creative expression. One which brings the fear of achieving less than desirable results and a “which way do I go and where do I begin” mentality. Many retired business professionals and baby boomers especially, wish to visit the fun of their youth. That unabashed smile side of life!  With a lifetime of creative experience and nearly three decades as a professional artist, Tom Neel is about to hand you the keys to unlock the inner creative you!

Presenter: Acclaimed artist, Tom Neel is also a published writer, author, consultant, public speaker and photographer. He has worked with artists, teachers and business leaders to foster creativity through all age groups.

Cost: $35 per person, registration in advance is necessary due to space limitations.


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