The Art of Our Time

The Center for Art & Rehabilitation Therapies, Inc.

Mar. 6, 2016, 02:00 pm

4696 Pearl Astreet
229 679-2070

Reflections on the future of bi-racial unions and their children, violence and gun ownership and the impermanent nature of material possessions are conversational topics generally avoided in “polite” company. Three artistically gifted, intelligent and compassionate artist/educators use their diverse talent and masterful learning to comment, encourage open conversation and search for answers to these troubling current conditions facing all Americans.!
Not unlike all truly engaged artists of their time, Charles (Chazz) Williams, K. Meredith Lear- Perkins and Scott Marini each with their MFA Graduate degrees, serve on the Art Faculty at Albany State University. These artists present their insightful views on touchy yet timely topics. Using processes uniquely studied and mastered in the multiple disciplines of the artistic practitioner, these three intellectually, emotionally and professionally connected thinkers and doers present honest and yes, sometimes troubling challenges to the viewer.!
Beauty that manages to uplift shocking reality is not an easy thing to do! !
For the interested and curious who would like to meet these exceptional individuals and view their art, the Center for Art & Rehabilitative Energies will host an Opening Reception in the Gallery (a non-profit foundation) located at 3696 Pearl Street, Shellman, GA on Sunday, March 6th. The occasion, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 2:00 P.M. and close at 6:00 P.M. Light refreshments will be served. Bring friends and family and an open heart. !
Unable to make the Opening of “The Art of Our Time”, the exhibition of thirty (2D and 3D) artistic works will be on display in the Gallery thru May 1, 2016. The Gallery is free and open to the public each week-end from 2-6 P.M. The exhibition is available for viewing by small groups who are unable to come during the regular open hours by reservation. For further information and to make reservations call (229) 679-5069. !

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